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Beta Request

Posted by inboots on 2006.10.12 at 02:40
Hullo. :)

I'm looking for anyone willing to take a quick look at a gen drabble/ficlet about Roku and the Avatar mythos (sort of).

It's around 520 words and nothing serious, but english is my second language and I'm nowhere fluent enough to go without grammar and punctuation help. I do run spellcheckers, though. Honest.

My email is stonesofyork at gmail dot com


Looking for beta

Posted by kitten_at_heart on 2006.09.01 at 16:50
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Looking for a beta!

I am looking for a beta who wouldn't mind...well...beta'ing every once and a while.  I usually write one shots.

Also, must be Zutara friendly!  :3

I mainly need betas that wouldn't mind helping with comma usage and staying on track.  I don't need anything super thorough but it would be nice!

Email me or respond to the thread if you are interested!

Community Name?

Posted by sugarland31 on 2006.08.27 at 19:27
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I'm creating a Zuko/Song LJ community (at least, I'm pretty sure I am), and I'm wondering about names. The only one I have so far is 'Scarred Hearts'. Just wondering if you guys think that's dorky, or if you have a better suggestion.

Quick responses would help me ever so much! Gracias in advance!

a softer klaine

Quick Grammer help

Posted by jakia on 2006.08.09 at 15:23
Current Mood: blankblank
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Quick grammer help, needed for a fanfic:

Time spent with just one’s self was hard to come by when traveling with four others, and Zuko was a loner at heart.

Is it one's self or oneself?  Does the sentence make sense and is readable?



I Need a Beta...

Posted by sugarland31 on 2006.07.04 at 17:19
Current Mood: boredbored
Hey! I'm a new user on here, and I need a beta reader for my new story. It's called (or probably going to be called, anyway) The Walls of Ba Sing Sae, and it will feature all of the Avatar characters.

Oh, and the beta will need to be fairly quick as well. I'm not hugely impatient, but if I get enormously delayed uploading a chapter, there will be problems.

I mainly need for a beta to check to make sure that:

1) the plot's decent/no glaring plotholes
2) everyone's in character
3) the chapter itself is well-written and makes sense. I'm just paranoid about how my writing is taken by readers and stuff...

And I think I've got grammar and stuff covered...

Any takers?


OC Help

Posted by agentalice on 2006.06.27 at 12:09
I'm creating a character that's going to be living in the desert-like regions of the Earth Kingdom, and I'm having some trouble with her hair. You read it right, her hair.

If you need any details (though I don't want to give out much), here they are:

  • She has thick hair.

  • She has lived in the desert for most of her life. (Around 8-10 years spent there.)

  • She doesn't have any materials to use for holding her hair up.

My question for all of you is, would it be more practical for her to have short hair or long hair in the desert? I've been stuck on it for awhile.

Any form of help is appreciated.

「stock」★ your aura captivates me。

Beta pleaseeee.

Posted by xenoamorist on 2006.06.22 at 06:36
Current Mood: awakeawake
So... I've tried working with betas in the past, but I didn't really have any volunteers (seeing how my fandom was a bit small), and I was always too impatient; I wanted to get the story up as soon as possible.  But now that I've stopped writing for reviews and started writing actually to improve the quality of my fics, I'm seriously considering getting a beta.

My beta doesn't need to be very spelling/grammar-oriented (as I go through that myself), but he/she needs to be good at the following:
  • recognizing plot holes
  • keeping characterization constant
  • recognizing extraneous snippets, words, etc.
  • recognizing inconsistency
  • recognizing potential complications in future chapters
  • being fast
Those kinds of things, you know.  At the moment, I currently have two multi-chapter fics in the works (The Great Tea Cup, which is already uploaded, and fear of flying, which I'm going through the second version of the first chapter).  And seeing how difficult it was for me to integrate the rest of The Great Tea Cup with the first chapter is just... XD So yeah, if anyone's up to it, please leave a comment!

- hl

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