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Ba Sing Se
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Welcome to Avatar Hotline, the number one place for Avatar fanfiction readers, writers and betas to network. This is relatively free-willed community; You can even post without joining the community. However, rules are neccessary to create order. And don't forget: We're in Ba Sing Se! XD


1. Be respectful to your fellow posters. This means no flaming, bashing, or other distasteful comments. If I, sirena_lune, Administrator and ultimate creator of this comm, encounter any of this there will be severe consequences.

2. No Spammage. This means no squeeing, gushing, or other fangirlish noises unless accompanied by a useful post. Also, anything that strikes my fancy can be considered spam. Don't like it? Too bad. [However, I will warn you about it before hand with valid reasons as to why it's getting deleted.]

3. Tag all posts. This means... Wait, you're big kids; you should know this! Posts that are not tagged will be considered spam.

4. By all means, go ahead and pimp. Just follow the pimping guidelines. XD

5. No spoilers. Like most Avatar Communities in LiveJournal, I respect the wishes of other fans by cutting all posts that contain spoilers. This comm is for all, including people who don't wish to spoiled. If you don't care, or are to lazy to cut your post, it will be considered spam.